North Carolina’s Not-so-secret Secret

People from all over the world have come to love everything about North Carolina and the Greater Charlotte area.  For many years now, ‘transplants’ are migrating from all over. So many, that it’s rare to come across North Carolina natives like myself anymore.

From what I hear from a lot of you, it’s North Carolina’s weather; true defining lines between all four seasons. The occasional and beautiful snowfall. County roads and highways sporadically peppered with Spring’s flowers. Summertime activities at nearby attractions, local or personal pools, numerous fireworks shows celebrating Independence Day. Autumnal hay rides, pumpkin patches, haunted attractions, Uptown Charlotte parties… the list is never-ending!


Another big reason for the Charlotte area’s popularity is its close proximity to both gorgeous mountains and gorgeous coasts!  Stay in a cabin nestled on a cliff overlooking gorges and wildlife one weekend, then the next weekend you can be in a stilted beach house beginning your days with a brilliant sunrise over the sea’s horizon and ending them to the Atlantic Ocean’s serene melody.  No need for flight! Hop in the car and go where the scenic winding roads take you.

MountainValley      CoastLighthouse

For those of us lucky to have these amenities so near, it truly is a rewarding place to call home. For those of you that hear so much about Charlotte lately (and North Carolina in general), come test it out and enjoy it with us!!



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