Even Millionaire Celebrities Buy Foreclosures

MJ. Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Although born in Brooklyn, his family settled in Wilmington, NC when he was just a toddler.  He has always kept ties with our lovely state, most recently purchasing two homes: one in Uptown Charlotte, the other on the shores of Lake Norman.  The latter… a foreclosure!  A $2.8 million foreclosure.  (He did actually get it for $699,000 below list price at least). He’s actually somewhat right across the water from my own neighborhood!

His closing took place February 19, 2013, and it’s expected he will invest more dough into renovating the estate built in 1993.  The sprawling mansion boasts a 5+ car garage, panoramic views of Lake Norman from almost every room, water surrounding three sides with the fourth side facing the Peninsula Golf Course, gorgeous pool, private dock, and even a boardwalk along the lake’s coast.


This, of course, isn’t his only estate in the area.  The Charlotte Bobcats owner certainly needs a home within walking distance to the team’s arena, right?!  Duh!  That’s why he purchased one of the most secure, elite condos in Uptown Charlotte’s ‘Trust’ building in 2010.

It goes to show, even people who have what seems to be never-ending stacks of cash, they still like a sweet deal, and North Carolina is ripe with them.


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